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Affordable Eye Exam, Glasses & Contacts in Oklahoma

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Short & Simple; These are the top reasons why you should choose 947EYES for you and your families Vision Needs.

PRICE We are aware that times are tough, and many patients desperately need care but fear they will not be able to foot the bill. We offer affordable care that all of our patients can afford. If you currently have vision insurance, we are your out of network provider. If you don't have a vision plan we can ensure the care you receive is within your budget. .....................Visa-Paypal-MC-AMEX-Discover

SERVICE When you come into a EyeCare Vision Center our friendly and helpful staff will provide a high level of quality service to you, our patient. We are dedicated toward making each patient feel important and like more than just another name on a chart. We hope the superior level of customer service we make available will allow you to entrust us with all of you and your Families optical needs.

GLASSES As our eyeglass patient you will benefit from Oklahoma's most advanced Optical Lens Laboratory. We are currently the only lens manufacturer in the state that can make the newest Hi-Definition, Digital lenses in house. We also carry a wide selection of frames to meet everyone's taste and budget.

CONTACTS We have Low Prices on contact lenses and stock more than any other office in Oklahoma. All brands and types of soft contact lenses including Colors, Disposables, Daily wear, Extended wear and Planned replacement are available.


ATTENTION PLEASE: We are asking for your help in determining what kind of Frames to re-stock. This is just a simple poll, you don't have to sign-up for anything and you can choose more than one type of frame.


What type of Frame do you want for your next pair of Glasses?

Plastic Frame .
Full Metal Rim
Full Rimless .. .

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