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Prevention: The Best Medicine

Many people decide to wait until they experience symptoms before visiting their eye doctor, but at the Eyecare Vision Center, we stress the importance of prevention. By scheduling a complete eye exam, you can be signaled to warning signs before they become a problem.

A battery of tests will be administered requiring you to either look into bright lights, read charts and other non-invasive tasks. In doing such, every aspect of your overall ocular health and well being can be properly evaluated.

When Do I Schedule My Appointment?

A common mistake made even by those who understand the benefits of preventative eye exams is to wait until late adulthood to schedule their first appointment. The best time to schedule the first comprehensive eye exam is between ages 3-5. A follow up should be scheduled prior to entering school as poor eyesight can have a direct impact on learning ability. From this time until around the age of 40, comprehensive eye exams should be regularly scheduled every two years. After this, or if you wear contact lenses it is best to have your eyes checked annually or more as advised.

Come Prepared

It is best to come to the appointment prepared as there will be many questions to answer. Common ones tend to regard aspects such as whether you wear glasses currently, were born premature, have allergic reactions to medicines, have had current or past eye problems and family history, just to name a few. These questions help your physician determine things to look for as well as the best possible treatment method.

What to Expect

Once this information is taken, the testing begins. The comprehensive eye exam leaves no room for error as it tests the muscles, visual acuity, refraction, perimetry, color vision, retinal health and for glaucoma. Even more detailed tests are given to those whose family history and other information is indicative of potential threats.

Detecting problems before they manifest is the best way to ensure proper eyesight for a lifetime, and scheduling your comprehensive eye exam today is the first step to take in making sure you don’t become a victim later in life.

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